Yen Tu New Year festival Quang Ninh tourism

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Yen Yu mountain peak is 1.068 altitudes above sea level, Yen Tu is not only famous for beautiful natural landscape, it’s also fascinated by very magical shrine, pagodas are covered by bush and huge tree. Here have been established for more than 700 years. 

Management predicts will there are more than 2 million people come to visit and sightseeing in this year festival season. Road leaded to the Hoa Yen pagoda will be crowded, this is one of oldest pagoda located on high elevation that have been formed under Ly dynasty and named as Phu Van 

700 years ago Hoa Yen was just a small shrine where Buddhist king Tran Nhan Tong preached Zen meditation Buddhism then changed to new name Yen Van, three Buddhist master also have ben lived and practiced Buddhism rule over here. Under Le dynasty Le Thanh Tong King travel pass by, recognized lush and beautiful flowers under fogy that he inspired to the new name as Hoa Yen. 

6000m long and very step trail leading to the peak that will be really hard to overcome but current of people are still delightful to struggled to conquer Brass pagoda that peak to satisfy the challenging feel and also appreciated how hard our ancestor have been completed those pagoda’s construction.  

3 cable car station at the foot of mountain to middle mountain side and approach the top , those 3 station will be able to transfer up to  100.000 people within one day. Ensure visitors peaceful of mind to enjoy festival local authority and management will carry out good security and upgrade facilities to make people feel comfortable. 

Mysterious Brass pagoda is nicely located on the top of mountain that established in post of Le dynasty with name Thien Truc Tu, the year 2007 this pagoda have been casted again by copper with size is lengthen 4,6 m and with 3,6 m high 3,35 m and weight more than 70 ton copper, pagoda shape is look like lotus throne where’s worshipping Buddha and three masters. 

Conquered this place with another purpose to implore for good luck and safe and enjoy peaceful of life, that demonstrate that wish people normally use  money to ruff on that and bring it home to leave it on their own family altar  

When this region become the spiritual and Eco-tourism it will create many chance for  local labor force to make better living by collecting forestry production and porter works, and selling bamboo stick for visitors and souvenir. For domestic visitor come from far away we are highly recommended Yên Tu and and Halong bay tours and specially stay one night overnight on Cruises Halong bay

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