Virgin Cave at Bo Hon Island

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Of all the caves to visit during a Halong bay cruise, the Virgin cave has probably the most moving legend behind its name.

In fact, an old fable states that a beautiful woman, who was in love with a humble fisherman, escaped from an old Mandarin she was forced to marry because her father, a very poor fisherman could not pay a debt. The young fisherman went to find her during a storm. His boat washed ashore the nearest island, from where he could perceive her. Unfortunately with the wind, the distance, her strength considerably reduced, she did not hear her lover screaming her name. She died from exhaustion and starvation, leaving her body turning into a stone, a stone that we can still see in the cave. This cave and its legend are therefore a symbol of pure and eternal love for couples. 

Inside the cave, visitors can see a shrine dedicated to the woman, built by the fishermen who found and buried her body. Its legend and thousands of stalactics and stalagmites bewitch the visitor on a Halong Bay tour.

Legend apart, the cave is a very beautiful site and an ideal stopover for any Halong luxury cruises, starting with the entrance located at the foot of a cliff. The tunnels of the cave reach the middle of the island that is about 2km long. Many chambers compose the tunnels, all of them very unique by their beauty. The cave is part of the Bo Hon group of islands located 15km south to Bai Chay beach and belongs to the Sung Sot cave, Luon cave and Dong Tien lake network. So if you get chances visiting this natural wonderful area, do not miss Virgin Cave in your Vietnam cruise.

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