Three Peach Beach Halong Bay

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Those rock calling  “peach” are three small mountains, 200 m high, viewing from faraway it look similar to three fairy peach that’s seem be to made by god. These places go a long with romance legend story between youngest fairy and poor fishing man. Love and feel sorry for him make her stolen peaches to bring down to him with wish will be able to live together. God father knew that then turn three peach become three mountains and force her have to return back to the heaven.  
The three beautiful peach beaches own soft and white sand with green crystal water, in sunny days visitors can even view the bottom. Difference unique point from other beaches in Halong bay is swallower water that would be very pleasure for relaxing and swimming,  another unique point of this place, it surrounded up by cliff stone Mountains which prevent the wind blowing in that created very beautiful moment and very safety for swimming. The rock information made really amazing landscape floating on the water in addition bush and colorful flowers on it, come here we will be fascinating like getting lose to the fairy world. 
Please note that, it’s not always visitor able to admire wild beautiful, when the tide up will make the beaches sink down, normally only able to enjoy swimming from 2-3 hours, so if visitors would like to have best swimming time better get to know to about tide schedule. Recently this place have been attracting many people come to discover included domestic and foreign visitors to enjoy Halong cruises holidays

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