Bai Tu Long Bay, what to see there?

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Most of people know the magical beauty of Halong bay, one of the World Heritage, but keep continuing to northeast for more 100km to the Chinese border, it is Bai Tu Long bay which has become very famous for anyone coming to Vietnam to find a place for your dreaming holiday.

Bai Tu Long bay Vietnam is very beautiful and wild. You will be surprised how incredible mother nature is. Under sunshine, it’s actually become more stunning, the bay and islands are still clean and less busy. 

A fantasy landscape made by 1,600 islands shaped by the natural elements over time, the region is rich with geological splendor. The smaller, uninhabited islands — protruding limestone karsts of various shapes and sizes — are scattered across the emerald waters. .

Here below are what to see in Bai Tu Long bay Viet Nam

1. Bai Tu Long national parkKnowing about Bai Tu Long bay Viet Nam, Bai Tu Long bay national park can become one of the new destinations for your tour or cruise in a magnificent bay.


Bai Tu Long National Park is a preserved area zone in northeastern Vietnam. It was established in 2001, succeeding from the former of Ba Mun National Conservation Zone. It is located within Bai Tu Long bay, including thousands of islands and rocks which create one of the most wonderful bays in the world.

The park is not only various for both forest and sea species but it is also offers a beautiful and primary sceneries with pure air and environment. There are many swimming beaches suited for your holiday like Minh Chau beach with the length of 3 kilometers lying between smooth white sandy and emerald water.

Bai Tu Long national park is a composition of terrestrial area stretching 61.25 km2 and an aquatic area of 96.58 km2. The zone includes almost 40 islands and rocks.

The national park also includes a buffer zone of approximately 165.34 km2, which is located in a larger area including five communes: Minh Châu, Vạn Yên, Bản Sen, Quan Lạn and Hạ Long. The total population of the core zone and the buffer zone is around 24,000.


Bai Tu Long Bay national park complex has five kinds of ecosystems: rain/broad-leaf forest, limestone forest, littoral forest, coral area and shallow water area.

The eco-tourist site is now the home to 672 species of terrestrial plants and 178 aquatic floral species, of which 11 species have been listed in Vietnam’s Red Book of endangered species. It also boasts 170 species of terrestrial animals, including nine species listed as endangered in Vietnam’s Red Book; 119 species of fish; 132 species of invertebrate animals; and 106 species of corals.2. Thien Canh Son cave, one of the best destinations in Bai Tu Long bay 

Thien Canh Son cave is located between in Bai Tu Long bay and Ha Long bay, it belongs to Cong Do conservation area. The natural beauty of Thien Canh Son cave has attracted many Vietnamese and international tourists nowadays

Looking at the ceiling of Thien Canh Son cave you’ll see the lights, the stalactites sparkling like natural lamps or stars. Thien Canh Son includes three huge chambers with a plenty of different beautiful stalactites formed from 1000 years ago. All creates a lively picture of heaven or a mysterious fairy land.

To visit the cave tourists will have to climb up about 100 stone steps, but if they reach at the top of the cave you are surprised with the beautiful panoramic scenery of Bai Tu Long Bay and Ha Long Bay

3. Vung Vieng village in Bai Tu Long bay 

Vung Vieng village is a place where a thousand of local fishermen living here though they are busy to make ends meet but still happy with their life. What makes it special to visit Vung Vieng village? You will have chance to experience and explore people’s daily activities that is an important factor for attracting many tourists when they spend their holiday in Bai Tu long bay

To enter Vung Vieng village and watching around, you will being in a rowing boat for the best convenient discovery

This village is an off-the-beaten-track destination on your path of discovering the world heritage sites in Ha Long. With Bai Tu Long bay cruises staying 1 night in the bay, Vung Vieng village can’t be missed in your itinerary. Taking a chance to coming here, you will feel a peaceful and quite space. Moreover, it would be very interesting to live with the locals here in a day with taking part in fishing.

What is the best way to get to Vung Vieng village? The best way is choosing one of cruises sailing on Bai Tu Long bay. With Swan Cruises, we organized our cruise including visiting Vung Vieng village in 3 days 2 nights itinerary. It gives you a chance of watching how pearls are grown.

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Bai Tu Long bay tripadvisor

Here are some very nice words of excellent reviews on Tripadvisor wrote for Bai Tu Long bay

“The very first morning we go to Bai Tu Long with Amazing cave. Kayaking is great fun, a must get it done. We definitely suggest the 2nd day when frequented Bai tu long bay and also Vung Vieng floating villages, really clean, breathtaking and quiet views. Really different and comfy, staff were informative and friendly. The trip guide was excellent!”

“I can not explain the magnificence of Bai Tu Long Bay, with quite a few little islands and it is situated well far from residential areas and the shore, this particular location stays neglected natural. is around many destinations and also caves. and particularly very few visitors here.”

“Bai Tu Long Bay in Vietnam is situated on the east of Halong Bay. This offbeat traveler monitor is sparsely populated by tourists and it is lesser recognized around comparison on the Halong Bay. Recognized for its pristine beaches as well as different ecosystems, the Bai Tu Long Bay provides you with the chance to be 1 with nature and try soaking in the environment. The family of mine and I got into a couple of little boats and also rowed across the inland and we additionally got to meet up with several natives on the Fish Farm. I’d fun with the family of mine and fellow travellers who came along with us within the cruise”

Actually, there is no double to say that you definitely should spend once of your time to visit Bai Tu Long bay in Ha Long Viet Nam. Experiencing on a cruise is highly recommended for international traverlers in Viet Nam. Swan Cruises are running some nice boats on Bai Tu Long bay, don’t hesitate to send us your request for 1 day, 2 days or 3 days cruise, or book directly on our website. We are always here to help you ! 

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