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The Vu’s ancestor obligated to fought again Tay Son attack, he knew situation could not be gain the battle field but  being loyalty mandarin he decided to fought until dead, so before farewell he told to his descendent let get the day he left for make dead anniversary and since and then he never return  and could not know where is tomb as well, now a day villager and his descendent are very proud about him, he has set a great example of being brave, loyalty, patriotic… although make a living by rice cultivation with low income but villagers and descendents has contributed money erected very nice temple to worship for commemorated him as great country hero. 

Mr Truong our paddy home owner, was born and grow up right here at this village of Doan Xa, was born in 1949, being a good student, but listen to call upon all country rise up to fought American aggressor, so left studying behide to enjoy the army just 16 year old young man in year of 1966. He was in the best division of northern liberation force 308 “great pioneer force” smart and well training solider he success and survive throughout 3  biggest operation of American, in the year of  1967, 1968, 1972. When the war over, plus with sick of fighting he return to native village be farmer, UN luckily in Vietnam was farm cooperative, and subsidize economic, owh it was really hard life to struggler for food, but he and his wife and family completely did make it, he said “do good things and good things will return late’” his three son have good education in university now enjoy the rest of life in peace of his rural village 

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