Rural Eco Activities

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As such all our equipment and facilities are uniquely local and we are very proud of that fact. Too many unique tours providers try to alter their product to suit their perceptions of what non-Vietnamese travellers desire. At Vietnam Eco Adventure we believe that local village life in Doan Xa is so special and unique and want to share that with the world.Our bicycles for example are all sourced from bicycle maker “Thong Nhat” and are exact replicas of the bicycles that were ridden by locals in the days when agricultural

cooperatives used to subsidize the village commune; bicycles which can be still seen all around the village to this very day.All farming tools, irrigation equipment, fishing equipment, boats etc are all unique to Northern Vietnam and we have no doubt that each person who spends time with us will leave with experiences that will not be able to be replicated anywhere in the world.

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