Bai Chay Bridge has significantly contributed to adorn the world natural heritage Halong bay

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The Bai Chay Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge on Highway 18, connecting Hòn Gai port with Bai Chay harbor over the Cua Luc Straits, separating Cua Luc Bay with Halong Bay, the territory of Quang Ninh province.

Bai Chay Bridge connects 2 economic – cultural centers of Quang Ninh province, there are Bai Chay wharf and Hon Gai harbor. The bridge is located on Halong Bay with the beautiful and modern architecture.

As one of most well-known bridges in Vietnam, Bai Chay Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge, reinforced concrete box beams prestressed. The towers are located on the huge-sized pneumatic caisson foundation system. The bridge was constructed by balanced cantilever technology. At the main bridge pier on 50m height, bridge beams are reaching out to the sea and end when connecting two cantilever wings. This building technology ensures the vessels still be able to normally operate during the construction process. Retaining the total length of 903m, 25,3m wide, Bai Chay Bridge consists of 6 traffic lanes with four lanes for motorized vehicles, the other for rudimentary vehicles and for pedestrian. The approach road to the bridge is the 2-level urban road 5km long with 8 approach bridges retaining the total length of 1,172km. The bridge is capable to withstand 7-level earthquake.Discovering Bai Chay Bridge is definitely one of the most unforgettable things to do in Halong Bay.

Bai Chay Bridge is the first central-line cable-stayed bridge reinforced concrete box beams prestressed built in Vietnam. Simultaneously, the bridge also sets a world record for the length of the main span in terms of central-line cable-stayed bridge. Thanks to slender and modern architecture, Bai Chay Bridge provides a new and romantic architectural feature which contributes to adorn the beauty of Halong Bay. In addition, it is excellent records that promote Bai Chay Bridge to become one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in Halong Bay

Looking up from the bay, the bridge retains the magnificent and majestic beauty. The overall bridge looks like a spectacular curve with two towering towers and 4 lanes of luminous multicolored cable-stayed bridge symmetrizing under bridge piers as a harp. Standing on the bridge, tourists can take the panoramic view of Halong City and a large part of Halong Bay as well. The scenery ofHalong Bay becomes much more splendid when viewed from Bai Chay Bridge. This bridge creates a new breakthrough on tourism for the city and significantly adorns the beauty of majestic Halong Bay. The journey of exploring Halong Bay travel will definitely be extremely memorable when tourists set foot on this magnificent bridge.

Bai Chay Bridge not only solves the problem of road traffic but also creates favorable conditions for the large vessels through Cua Luc. It filled the gap between the two regions in almost aspects of construction, investment and types of tourism business… Bai Chay Bridge significantly contributes to promote in the development of Quang Ninh tourism in general and Halong bay in particular. Its appearance seems to be the premise for the new vitality of the tourist area. Not only does it attract domestic tourists,Bai Chay Bridge also leave unforgettable impressions for foreign tourists once setting foot on the wonderful bay. Thanks to its outstanding role, Bai Chay displays its important contribution in spreading Halong Bay tourism throughout the country and all over the world.

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