Hanoi One of The Charming City in Southeast Asia

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The pride of being a citizen of Hanoi was conducted in a two-sentence poem

Chang thom cung the hoa nhai

Dau khong thanh lich cung nguoi Trang An

Trang An (Hanoi’s original name) was the first capital of Vietnam, named in the Tenth century by Dinh Bo Linh – his enormous contribution as having led and liberated Vietnamese people from Chinese domination and internal wars. Since then, the two words Trang An has presented “Capital City”. In history, we have never found any information saying that Hanoi was once called Trang An though.

Hanoi people have been often known by their elegance, cordiality, intelligence and creativeness. The elegance of Hanoi people have been inspiration for many poets, photographers, composers, artists, authors. The elegance are expressed through their costumes, daily behaviors and ways of thinking.

Being known as closely to Chinese cultures after thousand year dominated by Chinese dynasties, yet Vietnamese still have developed their own cultures. Hanoi people are meticulous in daily behaviors: the way to eat, to walk, to talk… 

About costumes, the image of Ao dai girl must be first mentioned. The shape of Ao dai is believed to make women more beautiful, graceful and glamorous.

A good meal not only depends on what you eat but also how, where and with whom you will be eating. Hanoi’s street food will be your high light and unforgettable memories. 

The intelligence and creativeness of Hanoi people are presented by series of traditional handicraft villages, such as Bat Trang ceramic and pottery village, Hang Bac silver-market streetNgu Xa bronze-makingPhu Do noodle-making. They all are well-known for 99% hand-made and 100% nature-originated products. Kinds of art add an enormous contribution to Hanoi’s culture. Most people are attracted by Folk Performances, which are Water PuppetCheo, Tuong and A Dao (a traditional kind of music performances)

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