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Vietnam is one of the member of Indochina, which has been in the relationship with Laos and Cambodia. Vietnam owns one of the world’s most beautiful beaches and plenty of beautiful scenery, fascinating culture and history.Get over the war, Vietnam is now enjoying peace after hundreds of years of wars for independence. That peace is highly valued and most of the war damage.

Vietnam is 1,000 miles long. The eastern side of the country has beautiful beaches, stunning ocean bays and productive fishing villages. The western length of the country runs across mountains glowing with a soft green covering. Still the realities of their wars for independence are barely beneath the surface.

The mountains and hills are green but many are covered with eucalyptus trees, planted in a hurry. The hills used to be covered by centuries-old mahogany and other slow-growing valuable trees. These magnificent trees all died after the U.S. military sprayed them with Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. To save the little soil left, the Vietnamese planted the fast-growing, softwood eucalyptus. 

Every country has a rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, yet Vietnam seems especially endowed. The beauty of nature and its landscape in Vietnam are breathtaking and guaranteed to relax and rejuvenate. But what made the trip to Vietnam a truly treasured experience was the Vietnamese people.
So many lasting impressions-the gorgeous flowers and delicious food, beautifully woven tapestries and graceful “ao dai” (women’s fitted tunic worn over pants), the exquisite presentation of just about everything, evidenced everywhere: outdoor markets, tourist hotels, historic buildings, monuments, temples and pagodas, private residences, public parks and gardens, even roadside alters.

Constantly and delightfully caught off guard with so many lovely, unexpected jewels, the 3,000 islands of Ha Long Bay, the orchids on the tables at the tiny diner in Dalat, gorgeous Hibiscus blossoms, and the sunrise sight of hundreds of young women across the country cycling to high school, heads high and backs straight in beautiful flowing ao dai uniforms, delicious plenty Vietnamese foods make with fish sauce. Green rice paddy in Sapa, Mu Cang Chai and H’Mong women working hard. 
That make a peaceful and beautiful Vietnam.

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