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VNAT Chief Nguyen Van Tuan said VNAT has developed the brand development strategy with the European Union’s help.
The lotus was chosen as the symbolic image of Vietnam tourism, with five petals in five colors to show the diversity and the charm of tourist destinations, the rich experience and nice feeling of international tourists in Vietnam. According to Eastern philosophy, the number 5 shows hope and the perfect harmony of life values.
The slogan “Vietnam – Timeless Charm” is the successor of previous slogans and it also shows the charm and longevity of Vietnamese tourism products. Photo:

The manual introduces the structure of the brand “Vietnam – Timeless Charm” with the fundamental values of Vietnam tourism: time, intensity, mystery and commitment.
Time: The brand wants to assert that Vietnam is a destination that offers visitors relaxation, where they can revive their physical and mental health through new experiences.

The intensity: Vietnam tourism resources such as the sea, islands, mountains, and forests with variety of beauty will bring about experiences and strong passion to visitors.

The mystery: Vietnam culture with 54 ethnic groups with different religions, beliefs, and oriental tradition remains a mystery to many tourists around the world.
Commitment: Vietnam commits to provide the best services to tourists.
Along with the basic values and the brand “Vietnam – Timeless Charm” VNAT also introduced four main product lines: marine and island tourism, cultural tourism, tourism in association with nature and urban tourism.

The branch brands of regions, locations and businesses must be built and developed based on the values and attributes of the common brand “Vietnam – Timeless Charm”.

Source: Vietnam Tourism
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