Cua Van Floating Village in Halong Bay among top Beautiful Small Towns on Huffington Post

According to the Huffington Post, bustling cities are the place where people often wish to go to. But sometimes, we want to go to small towns where life moves slower. “From North Africa to New Zealand, these are some of the most charming little places in the entire world.”

The magazine described Cua Van as a floating fishing village in Ha Long Bay. It is located six hours from Hanoi. The 700-person village is stunning, thanks to the teal water, colorful raft houses, limestone hills and winding streets.

Other destinations honored on the list are  Sidi Bou Said (Tunisia), Bled (Slovenia), Franschhoek (South Africa), Anneccy (France), Guilin (China), Reine (Norway), Vernazza (Italy), Paros (Hy Lạp), Queenstown (New Zealand) and Salvador (Brazil)./.

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