Swan Cruise Halong Bay Safety’s issue

Enjoy cruising Halong bay with us, you will peaceful of mind, your safety is our best concern. Since a few acidents happened is last few years, the local authorities have been ordered significant steps to improve cruise safety on the bay. These safety regulations stipulate a higher level of compulsory safety requirements and standards, stiffer penalties for non-compliance and more rigorous monitoring regimes. In parallel with the new regulations, Port Authorities have been provided with increased resources and training.

While the bolstered Halong Bay cruise safety regulations have resulted in improvements, further progress is still needed. Vessels belonging to reputable cruise operators have physical safety devices, such as GPS location and VHF communications equipment, fire and flood alarm systems, etc. in place, and safety standards and procedures dictated by foreign experts. However, many vessels belonging to some smaller operators do not. Although it is being addressed by many cruise operators, international-standard safety education and training for crew members remains an issue with some cruise operators.
So how is safety being taken care of on the Swan Cruises vessels?

The captain and all staff on boat have to learn about safety standards of the whole fleet. We now have Safe Standard Operating Procedures in place to ensure all crew members know their roles and responsibilities in any emergency situation. We conduct training for local captains, crews and support staff to bring their skills up to international safety standards. To this end, we conduct weekly emergency training and safety drills. Maritime safety is a serious issue. We treat it as such.

As a commitment since the first day our vessel launched operating services. Swan Cruises has placed the highest priority on safety. We are keeping reviewing our internal standards and procedures, looking for any ways to improve the safety and security of our vessels, passengers and crew. We have always aimed at reaching international safety standards with the best safety equipment, systems and procedures.