Bai Tu Long Bay

  • Ban Sen - A new destination in your Halong Bay holiday

    Ban Sen is located on Van Don Island - most populated and most developed island in the Bai Tu Long Bay). It’s absolutely a potential destination for tourists to discover other spectacular landscapes of Halong Bay
  • The Tunnel grotto Cai De is one of Bai Tu Long Bay attraction

    The tunnle cave Cai De is one of beautiful un touch attracttion that located in the northern of Bai Tu Long bay belong to National park of Ban Sen, it take about an hour boat ride from Van Don whaft .
  • Golden Turtle Cave

    The grotto is 100 m long and 5 to 10 m wide, running in a north-south direction. There are many stalactites and a water spring flowing all year round.
  • Thien Cung Grotto (Heaven Palace Grotto)

    This is one of most recommended grotto in dragon bay of Halong, it was found lately. Visit this one tourist have a chance to see another historical cave locate next to it which related a great victory over Mongolia enemy. Legend has it, a...
  • Bai Tu Long Potential For Vietnam Tourism

    Being a second large bay Located northeast of Halong Bay and close to Chinese border...