Thien Canh Son Cave, The Beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay

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Belonging to the beautiful island Cong Do, Thien Canh Son cave is one of the most attractive destinations on Bai Tu Long and Halong bay.
Surprising Cave is one of the highlight in Halong bay but there is too busy and crowded. Then Thien Canh Son cave shows up as unique and magical point in Bai Tu Long Bay.


After going through a pathway with bushy trees of forest and stones, you will feel like being at heaven. Thien Canh Son includes three huge chambers with a plenty of different stalactites among the stalactites of the first hall, scores of gnomes appear to be holding a meeting. The walls of the second chamber sparkle if bright light is shone on them.Looking at the ceiling of Thien Canh Son cave with the lights, the stalactites sparkling like natural lamps or stars.
All creates a lively picture of heaven or a mysterious fairy land. In the evening, you may have an unforgettable dinner in the cave on candle- light with your family or friends. Or this is a great idea if your looking for a romantic place for your beloved proposal. 


Thien Canh Son Cave offers a wild and mysterious beauty. Swan Cruises Halong is one of the partner that can use this wonderful cave for our guests to discover the geological value of the bay. This cave is definitely must-see for your Vietnam holiday.


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